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01/09/20   Stage III reconstruction of Simferopol Airport to be completed by July 2021
Mostotrest will build a new paved apron with 8 parking positions for the A-321-200 aircraft type, 3 additional taxiways and other airfield infrastructure.
24/08/20   Mostotrest Board meeting results
The Board of Directors of Mostotrest PJSC considered the shareholders' proposal to nominate candidates for the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee.
08/07/20   Less than 50% of free float shares presented for repurchase
The Board of Directors of Mostotrest PJSC approved a report on the results of submission by shareholders of the Company of Share Repurchase Requests.
06/07/20   Losevo and Pavlovsk bypass, a new section of M-4 УDonФ Federal Highway in Voronezh region, is now open to traffic
TransStroiMekhanizatsiya LLC (TSM, part of the Mostotrest Group) has completed construction of a new toll section of the M-4 “Don” Federal Highway (km 633 - km 715).
06/07/20   Independent director re-elected as the Chairman of Mostotrest Board
Mostotrest’s new Board of Directors elected on June 30 by the Annual General Share-holders' Meeting.
25/05/20   Mostotrest Board approves Shareholder Meeting documentation
The Annual General Shareholder Meeting of Mostotrest PJSC will be held on June 30, 2020, in the form of absentee voting.
20/05/20   Mostotrest PJSC extraordinary shareholders meeting results
The shareholders of the Company have voted in favor of Mostotrest PJSC restructuring and approved the relevant draft documents.

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