Salaryevo Ц Stolbovo: Mostotrest to build new segment of Moscow underground


Mostotrest entered into a contract for the construction of the new Salaryevo – Stolbovo segment of the Moscow Underground Sokolnicheskaya Line.

The project is located in the Troitsky and Novomoskovsky administrative districts in southwest Moscow. As part of the project, Mostotrest will build a new two-track underground line segment with a total length of 11.6 km and the main track line length of 9.3 km. In addition, Mostotrest will build four new transfer stations, including the above ground stations Filatov Lug and Prokshino, and the underground stations Olkhovaya and Stolbovo. Mostotrest will also rebuild, with a view of further development, the existing Salaryevo station, which is to become a part of a large transport and transfer hub (TTH). The new segment of the Sokolnicheskaya Underground Line will run from the Salaryevo station to the intersection with the Solntsevo - Butovo - Vidnoye road, then along the Solntsevo - Butovo - Vidnoe road, currently under construction, through a road-rail tunnel connected to the road, then cross the Kaluzhskoye Avenue and end in the area of the Stolbovo station.

The project customer is the Moscow City Government Road and Bridge Construction Directorate. The contract amount is RUB40.8 billion (including VAT). The construction period is 518 days from the contract date.

Mostotrest entered the project following a tender held by the Moscow City Department for Competition Policy. The Company was the sole bidder and was awarded the contract as such, pursuant to Federal Law 44-FZ.

Mostotrest currently has deployed capacity in this area of ​​Moscow, as the Company continues construction of the Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoye road (Borovskoye Avenue - Kaluzhskoye Avenue and Kievskoye Avenue - Kaluzhskoye Avenue segments). The road construction project customer is the Moscow City Construction Department. Construction of the Kievskoye Avenue Ц Kaluzhskoye Avenue segment (the core segment of the project and a local road), the stretch between the Solntsevo-Butovo-Vidnoye road and the Salaryevo TTH, the Salaryevo TTH exit Ц Alley 4 segment, as well as of a number of tunnels and overpasses nears completion, while construction of rain water sewerage and treatment facilities is under way.

The new Solntsevo - Butovo - Vidnoye road will provide transport links to the Kievskoye and Kaluzhskoye avenues, bypassing the Moscow Ring Road (MRR). Running parallel to the MRR, the road will link the two districts of the capital and the satellite town of Vidnoye, and will help decongest radial roads on the approaches to the MRR, by redistributing traffic between them.

Together with the new road, the new Salaryevo Ц Stolbovo Underground segment will improve accessibility of southwestern districts of Moscow and become a component of modern transport infrastructure of the Russian capital.


PJSC Mostotrest is Russia’s largest diversified company in the field of infrastructure construction, present in all key and related market segments, and is a participant in the first-ever public-private partnership projects in Russia. According to the independent industry consultancy EMBS Group, Mostotrest had a 14.6% market share in transport infrastructure construction in Russia in 2017.

The Mostotrest Group core business segments are construction and reconstruction of bridges (including road, railway and city bridges), highways and other transport infrastructure, as well as road maintenance, repair and operation services. In 2012, the Group further diversified into the road concessions management segment.

The company was founded in 1930 for the construction of extra-large and special grade bridges.

Currently, Mostotrest is involved in a number of complex transport infrastructure development projects, such as the construction of several sections of the M-11 Moscow Ц Saint Petersburg Highway, construction and reconstruction of sections of the M-4 «Don» Highway and construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.