Segment of M-5 Ural federal highway in Moscow region to be upgraded by year end 2021


TransStroyMekhanizatsiya (TSM), a subsidiary of Mostotrest PJSC, will reconstruct the km 19 – km 28 segment of the M-5 Ural Federal Highway in the Lyubertsy District of the Moscow Region. The project is scheduled for completion before November 20, 2021.

TSM has been awarded the contract as the winner in the corresponding electronic tender held on the National E-Trading Platform. The project customer is the Federal Road Agency Central Russia Road Management Authority (FKU Tsentravtomagistral). The contract value is RUB5.036 billion (including VAT).

As part of the project, TSM will build a modern Category 1 highway segment with a design speed of 120 kmh. Specifically, the road will be broadened to five lanes in each direction, with traffic flows separated by a five-meter dividing strip, barrier fence and noise protection screens will be installed, and underground pedestrian crossings will be built. TSM will use advanced construction materials, including macadam-mastic asphalt concrete to ensure traffic safety and driving comfort. Prior to the launch of construction, TSM will re-arrange cables, fibre-optic communication lines, power transmission lines and aboveground gas distribution networks.

The reconstruction project will be carried out within the framework of the Russian Federation Government Program “Development of the Transport System”, approved by the RF Government Decision 1596 of December 20, 2017. The program aims to develop modern and efficient transport infrastructure and improve traffic safety.


TransStroyMekhanizatsiya (TSM) is a subsidiary of Mostotrest PJSC. TSM specializes in construction and reconstruction of transport infrastructure, such as highways and airports. The company operates in the Central, Southern and Far Eastern federal districts, is the main contractor for the construction of segments of the Moscow St. Petersburg Toll Highway and reconstruction of the M-11 «Narva» Highway; is rebuilding the Moscow Sheremetyevo, Ufa, Rostov-on-Don, Nizhny Novgorod, Khabarovsk and Norilsk airports, and participates in construction and reconstruction of the M-4 Don, M-9 Baltiya and M-10 Rossiya highways.

Mostotrest PJSC is the largest diversified infrastructure construction company with a footprint across all key and related market segments, and a participant in pioneering public-private partnership projects in Russia. According to the EMBS Group, an independent industry consultancy, Mostotrest 2016 share of the Russian transport infrastructure construction market was 14.6%.

The Mostotrest Group core business segments include construction and reconstruction of bridges (including road, railway and city bridges), roads and other transport infrastructure, as well as road maintenance, repair and operation services. In 2012, Mostotrest also diversified into road concession management.

The company was founded in 1930 for the construction of off-gauge and extra-large bridges.

Currently, Mostotrest is involved in the implementation of a number of complex integrated transport infrastructure projects, such as construction of several segments of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway, construction and reconstruction of segments of the M-4 Don Highway, as well as construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.

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