Mostotrest to repair 50 km section of M-4 Don alternative in Lipetsk region


Commissioned by the Russian Highways State Company, Mostotrest will carry out a major overhaul of the M-4 “Don Highway alternative route at km 414.7 - km 463.8 in the Lipetsk region.

It is the second section of the M-4 Don” highway alternative, where the Company will start working in the near future. Mostotrest was the sole bidder in the e-tender with a contract price of RUB3.8 billion (including VAT). The project is divided into 4 stages and is scheduled for full completion by the end of October 2020.

The 49 km road section to be rebuilt is part of the federal road network, linking two interchanges at the junction of the M-4 toll highway and its alternative. Beginning at km 414.7 and ending at km 463.85 of the alternative route, the section is located in Zadonsky and Khlevensky municipal districts and runs through 11 settlements, including the town of Zadonsk.

As part of the project, Mostotrest will carry out a major overhaul of the existing alternative route, reinforcing and improving its bed, mat and pavement, as well as other road structures. As a result, geometrical parameters of the road will be brought to the standards corresponding to road categories 2 and 3.

In addition, Mostotrest will build 549 level exits, including 393 to private houses in settlements. The project does not envisage an increase in the number of lanes and roadbed width on the core section.

The overhaul section of the alternative road at km 414+700 - km 463+850 is part of the M-4 "Don" Federal Highway. The M-4 is one of the most important meridional highways of Russia, linking the central and northern regions of the European part of the country with the North Caucasus, the Lower Volga region and the Black Sea coast. The road also ensures transport and economic links between the Russian Federation and the states of the Transcaucasia and the Middle East.


Mostotrest PJSC is the largest diversified infrastructure construction company with a footprint across all key and related market segments, and a participant in pioneering public-private partnership projects in Russia.

The Mostotrest Group core business segments include construction and reconstruction of bridges (including road, railway and city bridges), roads and other transport infrastructure, as well as road maintenance, repair and operation services. In 2012, Mostotrest also diversified into road concession management.

The company was founded in 1930 for the construction of off-gauge and extra-large bridges.

Currently, Mostotrest is involved in the implementation of a number of complex integrated transport infrastructure projects, such as construction of several segments of the M-11 Moscow - St. Petersburg Highway, construction and reconstruction of segments of the M-4 «Don» Highway, as well as construction of the Kerch Strait Bridge.

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