Company news

08/07/20   Less than 50% of free float Shares Presented for Repurchase
The Board of Directors of Mostotrest PJSC approved a report on the results of submission by shareholders of the Company of Share Repurchase Requests.
06/07/20   Losevo and Pavlovsk bypass, a new section of M-4 Don Federal Highway in Voronezh region, is now open to traffic
TransStroiMekhanizatsiya LLC (TSM, part of the Mostotrest Group) has completed construction of a new toll section of the M-4 “Don” Federal Highway (km 633 - km 715).
06/07/20   Independent director re-elected as the Chairman of Mostotrest Board
Mostotrest’s new Board of Directors elected on June 30 by the Annual General Share-holders' Meeting.

Industry news

23/12/19   Russia and China deepen ties with Amur River bridge
The bridge is expected to open in early 2020 and hints at the strengthening ties between Moscow and Beijing.
25/11/19   5 Facts About Russias First Highway Bridge to China
Russia and China have completed the first vehicle bridge to cross the two neighbors’ border.
25/01/17   How overpasses and elevated motorways help connect Moscows districts
Overpasses over railways help speed up traffic and increase safety. In addition, the construction of new elevated roads will help link districts separated by railways.